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The Social Sciences Campus

The ISA RC52 Interim Meeting 2019 will be held in Florence, Italy, at the Social Sciences Campus of the University of Florence, a university campus which is located in the city district of Novoli, at the Northern periphery of Florence, 3 km far from the Airport "Amerigo Vespucci".

Schools and Departments

The Social Sciences Campus was inaugurated in 2004. It currently hosts three Schools (Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri"; Economics and Management; Law) and three Departments (Political and Social Sciences; Legal Sciences; Sciences for Economics and Business).

The map of the Campus

The Campus is formed of eight buildings (see the map on the right), which host the administrative offices of the three Schools (Building D1), the teaching rooms, the auditoriums, the offices of the Departments and the rooms of teachers and researchers (D4, D5, D6), the reading rooms (D14), information and logistics services (D15), and the library (D10).

The location of the conference

All the activities of the ISA RC52 Interim Meeting will take place in Building D6 (find it on Google Maps).

The welcome cocktail

College House, Via Silvano Tosi, 3/5 (find it on Google Maps).

The conference dinner

Caffè del Verone, Piazza SS. Annunziata, 13 (find it on Google Maps).


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