Interim Meeting 2019

Who we are


RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups is a research committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Its main aims are to establish contacts and encourage cooperation among scholars, and to promote the exchange of research findings in the field of sociology of occupational/professional groups throughout the world.

For further information and all official statements, please, visit the ISA RC52 website and the ISA RC52 blog, and do not forget to register your e-mail address on the blog to receive the ISA RC52 newsletter and receive notifications of new posts via e-mail.

The local organizer, Andrea Bellini, is Assistant Professor of General Sociology at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Florence, and a member of ISA RC52. His research interests are at the crossroads of the sociology of professions and the theory of social classes. He carried out research activity on the legal profession in Italy.

The local organizing committee includes Andrea Bellini (chair), Vincenzo Marasco (secretary), Matteo Boldrini, Giulia Cavallini, Gennaro Evangelista, Giovanni Giuliani e Dario Raspanti (staff).



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