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Thursday, September 6

09.00-09.30 Arrival and registration
09.30-10.30 Welcome address
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Roundtable - "Global social policy: challenges and prospects" organized by "Global Social Policy"
Chair: Nicola Yeates, Open University (UK)
Participants: Adebayo Olukoshi, CODESRIA (Senegal)
                     Huck-ju Kwon, Sung Kyun University (Korea)
                     Rosalia Cortes, FLACSO (Argentina)
                     Rama V. Baru, JNU (India)
                     Akbar Zaidi, Independent Researcher (Pakistan)

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.30 Parallel Sessions
a) Women, Children and Families: Rights, Risks and Welfare (Chair: Rianne Mahon)
b) International Actors in Social Policymaking (Chair: Robert O'Brien)
c) Mixing Public and Private Provision in Health Care (Chair: Rama Baru)

Parallel session (a) - Women, Children and Families: Rights, Risks and Welfare
Chair: Rianne Mahon



Gran, Brian

Do Children's Rights Improve Children's Welfare?
Discussant: Olsen, Gregg

Kamerman, Sheila B.
Gatenio-Gabel, Shirley

Social Protection for Children and their Families: A Global Review of Trends and Outcomes
Discussant: Vezzosi, Elisabetta

Trifiletti, Rossana

Social Policies Facing New Social Risks: Lone Parents from Northern to Southern Europe
Discussant: Kamerman, Sheila

Parallel Session (b) - International Actors in Social Policymaking
Chair: Robert O'Brien



Cortes, Rosalia

Social Policy in the Post-Washington Consensus Era: The Role of International Organizations in Social Policy in Argentina and Brazil
Discussant: Kwon, Huck-ju

Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin
Vetterlein, Antje

Rethinking Global Governance: Market Actors and Accountability
Discussant: Zaidi, S Akbar

Sonmez, Sinan

From "Semi-Peripherical Welfarism" to Neo-liberal Solutions. What About New Perspectives? - Developing World and Turkey
Discussant: Stubbs, Paul

Kamruzzaman, Palash

Who Cares about Participation? All Is Needed Another Piece of  to Continue Debts and Loans
Discussant: Canitano, Giovanni

Ejembi, E. P, Naswem
A. A, Idu, E. E.

Nigerian Agricultural Development Strategies and the Global Connection: Social Relevance and Sustainability
Contributed Paper

Guliyev, Rufat
Guliyeva, Sveta

International Investments and Social Policy
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (c) - Mixing Public and Private Provision in Health Care
Chair: Rama Baru



Chee, Heng Leng

The Effects of Private Healthcare and Medical Tourism on Health Care Access: A Comparison between Two Southeast Asian Countries
Discussant: Baru, Rama

Gingrich, Jane

Divergent Neo-Liberalism: Building Welfare States in an Era of Markets
Discussant: Brennan, Deborah

Schiller, Christof
Hensen, Henni
Kuhnle, Stein

Health Policy in a Globalizing World
Discussant: Blomqvist, Paula

Wendt, Claus
Kohl, Jürgen

Patterns of Trust in Health Care Institutions
Discussant: Guillen, Ana


15.30-16.00 Coffee break


16.00-18.00 Plenary Session - Welfare Scenarios Across the Globe

Chair: Ian Gough



Adesina, Jimi O.

In Search of Inclusive Development: Social Policy in the Sub-Sahara African Context
Discussant: Rognoni, Maria Stella

Cook, Sarah
Kwon Huck-ju

Economic Development and Social Protection in East Asia
Discussant: Walker, Robert

Draibe, Sônia M.
Riesco, Manuel

Latin America: a New Social Agenda in the Making?
Discussant: Bastagli, Francesca

Xiulan, Zhang
Xiaojiang, Hu
Salazar, Miguel A.

The Role of Family in Social Protection: Evidence from China
Discussant: Biggeri, Mario


18.00 End of the First day
19.00 Reception offered by the Mayor of Florence and "Global Social Policy" - Palazzo Vecchio

Friday, September 7

8.00-9.00 PhD Mentoring Sessions

Session 1

Phd Student


Kodate , Nao

Unpacking Institutional Logics in Healthcare Policy Change: Hospital Reforms in England, Japan and Sweden.
Mentor: Kuhnle, Stein

Romano, Serena

Public-private Partnerships and Global Health Coalitions as Global Means of Social Inclusions.
Mentor: Gingrich, Jane

Session 2

Phd Student


Van Driel, Maria

The Nature of Social Protection in Post Apartheid South Africa.
Mentor: Kangas, Olli.


9.00-10.30 Plenary Session - Comparing Welfare Reforms in Europe
Chair: Walter Korpi



Hemerijck, Anton

Recasting the Post War Social Contract
Discussant: Kohl, Juergen

Palier, Bruno

A Long Good Bye to Bismarck? The Politics of Welfare Reforms in Continental Europe
Discussant: Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin

Petmesidou, Maria
Guillen, Ana

Dynamics of the Welfare Mix in South Europe
Discussant: Moreno, Luis

Brennan, Deborah

Demography and public policy in Australia: policy responses to declining fertility in Australia
Contributed Paper


10.30-11.00 Coffee break


11.00-12.30 Parallel Sessions
a) Globalizing Ideas in Social Policy (Chair: Sheila Shaver)
b) Welfare outcomes (Chair: John Myles)
c) Social Policy across the Regions of the World (Chair: Jean Claude Barbier)

Parallel Session (a) - Globalizing Ideas in Social Policy
Chair: Sheila Shaver



Béland, Daniel

Ideas, Globalization, and Policy Change: A Sociological and Political Perspective
Discussant: Yeates, Nicola

Humpage, Louise

Globalising Policy Discourses and Indigenous Peoples in New Zealand and Australia: Lessons to the 'South' from the 'North' (and vice versa)?
Discussant: Orloff, Ann

Lendvai, Noémi
Stubbs, Paul

Post-Colonial Dialogue or His Masters Voice? Translating the periphery in 'Global Social Policy' studies
Discussant: Béland, Daniel

Parallel Session (b) - Welfare outcomes
Chair: John Myles



Ginneken, Wouter van

Social Security and the Global Socio-economic Floor: Towards a Human Rights Based Approach
Discussant: Birchfield, Vicki

Gangl, Markus
Palme, Joakim
Kenworthy, Lane

Is High Inequality Offset by Mobility? A Comparison of Germany, Sweden, and the United States
Discussant: Myles, John

Kremer, Monique

Meeting and Mobility. Ethnic Diversity in the Dutch Welfare State
Discussant: Laparra, Miguel

Onyeonoru, Ifeanyi P.

North-South Social Structural Disparities
Discussant: Kangas, Olli

Martin, Isaac
Nadav Gabay

Do Visible Taxes Cause Protest? Tax Institutions and Tax Protest in Rich Democracies
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (c) - Social Policy accross the Regions of the World
Chair: Jean Claude Barbier



Abrahamson, Peter

International Organization Recommendations and the Prospects for Social Citizenship? the Case of Central America
Discussant: Riesco, Manuel

Gudavarthy, Ajay

Trans-National Policy Making:Towards Tri-Continental Perspective
Discussant: Sjoberg, Ola

O'Connor, JS

Socio-Economic Convergence in the European Union in the Context of Differences Across Policy Domains and the Power Relations within and between European Institutions
Discussant: Fargion, Valeria

Abrahamson, Peter
Delgado, Manuel

Fiscal Policy in Small States: Comparing Scandinavia and Central America
Contributed Paper


12.30-13.30 Lunch - RC19 Board Meeting Lunch


13.30-15.30 Parallel Sessions
a) Care Services, Care Workers (Chair: Valeria Fargion)
b) Ideas, International Actors and Social Policy (Chair: Wim van Oorschot)
c) Gender, Social Policy and Labour Markets (Chair: Sheila Kamerman)

Parallel Session (a) - Care Services, Care Workers
Chair: Valeria Fargion



León, Margarita

Public and Private Responses to Ageism: 'Proximity Services' and Domestic Care Work of Migrant Women, the Case of Spain
Discussant: Destremau, Blandine

Morel, Nathalie

From Subsidiarity to "Free Choice": Child- and Elderly-Care Policy Reforms in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Discussant: Ranci, Costanzo

Szelewa, Dorota

Three Faces of Familialism: Comparing Family Policies in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
Discussant: Szalai, Julia

Wang, Shu-Yung

Trends and Factors of Childcare Policy Variations in an Era of Globalization
Discussant: Ferrarini, Tommy

Hiraoka, Koichi

The Formation and Reorganization of the System of Long-Term Care Services in Japan: From the 1980s to the Present
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (b) - Ideas, International Actors and Social Policy
Chair: Wim van Oorschot



Agartan, Tuba I.

Turkish Health Policy in a Globalizing World: The case of ‘Transformation of Health’ Program
Discussant: Cook, Beth

Kaasch, Alexandra

Overlapping and competing agencies in global health governance. WHO, World Bank, and OECD in the guidance of national health care systems
Discussant: Lue, Peter Jen-Der

Mahon, Rianne

Learning, Forgetting, Rediscovery: Producing The OECD’s ‘New’ Family Policy
Discussant: Daniel Erler

O'Brien, Robert

South - North Global Labour Policy
Discussant: Deacon, Bob

Mahon, Rianne

Reconciling Work and Family Life: Gendering The OECD's Social Policy Discourse
Contributed Paper

Parellel Session (c) - Gender, Social Policy and Labour Markets
Chair: Sheila Kemerman



Korpi, Walter
Englund, Stefan

The Nordic Gender Paradise Lost? Gender Inequalities in Employment, Work Segregation, Wages, and Political Representation in Different Types of Welfare States
Discussant: Steinmo, Sven

Montanari, Ingalill

Flexibility and Individualization - Two Salient Trends within the European Union Leading to Improvements in Gender Equality? Women and Market Work in Comparative Perspective
Discussant: Petmesidou, Maria

Won, Si Yeon

Long-Term Care Policy in South Korea and Japan: From a Gender Perspective
Discussant: Peng, Ito

Budowski, Monica

Comparison of the Two Reformed Models of Old-Age Security in Chile and Costa Rica: is one more gender friendly (or gender neutral) than another?
Discussant: Draibe, Sonia


15.30-16.00 Coffee break 

16.00-18.00 Plenary Session - Theorizing Comparisons across North and South
Chair: Joachim Palme



Destremau, Blandine

Contribution to a Comparative Framework of Social Protection Systems in Developing Countries
Discussant: Nelson, Kenneth

Gough, Ian

Policy Regimes and Wellbeing: a Comparative Analysis
Discussant: Van Oorschot, Wim

Haan, Arjan de

Reclaiming Social Policy: Social Spending in Low Income Countries Reconsidered
Discussant: Adesina, Jimi

Esser, Ingrid
Ferrarini, Tommy
Sjöberg, Ola
Nelson, Kenneth

A Framework for Comparing Social Protection in Developing Countries with the Example of Child Benefits
Discussant: Shaver, Sheila

Mudge, Stephanie

Rethinking the New Politics: Political Neoliberalism and the European Center-Left
Contributed Paper


18.00-19.00 General Assembly of RC19
19.00 End of the Second day
20.30 Buffet Dinner in Palazzo Medici-Riccardi offered by the Province of Florence

Saturday, September 8

08.00-09.00 PhD Mentoring Sessions

Session 1 

Phd Student


Dorrity, Claire

The Under-representation of Immigrants in Irish Social Policy Formation.
Mentor: Williams, Fiona

Kesler, Christel

Poverty among Immigrant Newcomers: Assessing the Roles of Market, State and Family.
Mentor: Palme, Joakim

Session 2

Phd Student


Grinvalds, Holly

Labour Market Policy and the Influence of OECD Ideas: Canada and Denmark Compared.
Mentor: Palier, Bruno

Häusermann, Silja

Coalitional Dynamics as Drivers of "Gradual Transformative Policy Change" in Continental Welfare States.
Mentor: O'Connor, Julia S.


09.00-10.30 Round table of contributions from International organizations
Chair: Bob Deacon
Participants: David Parker, UNICEF Innocenti Research Center: "UNICEF's Approach to Economic and Social Policy"
                     Favio Veras, UNDP-Poverty Centre, Brazil: "Cash Transfers and Social Protection"
                     Timo Voipio, OECD - DAC and ISSA: "Comprehensive Social Policies for Development"  

10.30-11.00 Coffee break 


11.00-13.00 Parallel sessions
a) Values, Ideas and Institutions (Chair: Ana Guillen)
b) Safety Nets, Conditionality and Poverty (Chair: Sônia Draibe)
c) Social Policy Responses to East Asia's Economic Growth, Globalization, and Crisis (Chair: Huck-Ju Kwon) 

Parallel Session (a) - Values, Ideas and Institutions
Chair: Ana Guillen



Birchfield Vicki
Dion, Michelle

Patterns of Income Inequality in the Capitalist Core: The Role of Values and Institutions and Lessons for the Global South
Discussant: Kenworthy, Lane

Larsen, Christian Albrekt

The Institutional Logic of Welfare Attitudes: How Welfare Regimes Influence Public Support
Discussant: Humpage, Louise

Wodsak, Veronika (PhD)

Change and Continuity in the World Bank's Approach to Old Age Security
Discussant: Palme, Joakim

Blomqvist, Paula

Idea Diffusion and Agenda-setting in Social Policy: Health Care Reform in the Netherlands and Sweden in the 1990s
Discussant: Martin, Isaac

Ploug, Niels
Bay, Hans

Welfare Values and Individualisation
Discussant: Larsen, Christian Albrekt

Stryker, Robin
Wald, Pamela

Redefining Compassion to Reform Welfare: How Supporters of 1990s US Federal Welfare Reform Aimed for the Moral High Ground
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (b) - Safety Nets, Conditionality and Poverty
Chair: Sonia Draibe



Bastagli, Francesca

From Social Safety Net to Social Policy? The Role of Conditional Cash Transfers in Welfare State Development in Latin America
Discussant: Budowski, Monica

Moreno, Luis

Safety Nets in Latin America: Targeting and Universalism?
Discussant: Abrahamson, Peter

Nelson, Kenneth

Minimum Income Protection and European Integration: Trends and Levels of Minimum Benefits in Comparative Perspective 1990-2005
Discussant: Jenson, Jane

Redmond, Gerry
Menchini, Leonardo
Francavilla, Francesca

The impact of cash transfers on child well-being in Central Asia and Eastern Europe
Discussant: Ginneken, Wouter

Qabaja, Anwar

Poverty Indicators in Palestine
Contributed Paper

Gulcubuk, Bulent

The Impact of Globalization on Rural Poor in Turkey: The Case of Social Risk Mitigation Project
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (c) - Social Policy Responses to East Asia's Economic Growth, Globalization and Crisis
Chair: Huck-Ju Kwon



Peng, Ito

Welfare State Restructuring in South Korea: a Political Economic Perspective
Discussant: Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita

Lee, Eliza W.Y.

The Neoliberal Turn in Social Policy and Implications for the Development of Social and Political Citizenship in Hong Kong
Discussant: Kuhnle, Stein

Lue, Peter Jen-der

Can the Variety of Capitalism Approach explain the Social Policy Transition in East-Asia?: Taiwan and South-Korea Compared
Discussant: Haan, Arjan de

Walker, Robert
Pellissery Sony

Giants Old and New: Promoting Social Security and Economic Growth in the Asia and Pacific Region
Discussant: Lee, Hyekyung

Lee, HyeKyung

Globalization, Democratization and Social Investment State: Post-Crisis Korea's Choice of Inclusive Liberalist Solution
Contributed Paper


13.00-14.00 Lunch


14.00-16.00 Parallel Sessions
a) Migration and Social Policy (Chair: Luis Moreno)
b) Transforming Welfare across the Globe (Chair: Jimi Adesina)
c) Social protection, markets and health care (Chair: Xiulan Zhangh) 

Parallel session (a) - Migration and Social Policy
Chair: Luis Moreno



Gal, John

Immigration and the Categorical Welfare State in Israel
Discussant: Ramazyan, Hripsime

Hettige, S.T.

Fighting Poverty in Low Income Countries: The Case of Sri Lanka
Discussant: Qabaja, Anwar

Laparra Navarro, Miguel

Migration and Social Policy in Europe
Discussant: Gal, John

Williams, Fiona

How Do We Theorise the Employment of Migrant Women in Home-Based Care Work in European Welfare States?
Discussant: Leòn, Marguerita

Ramazyan, Hripsime
Luberanskaya, Yana

Migration and the New Social Order
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (b) - Transforming Welfare across the Globe
Chair: Jimi Adesina



Kangas, Olli

Impacts of Colonialization and Modernization on the Timing of Social Insurance in Africa
Discussant: Gough, Ian

Olsen, Gregg M.

Toward Global Welfare State Convergence? Labour Market Policy and Old Age Policy in Sweden, Canada and the US
Discussant: Dionne, Michelle

Polakowski, Michal (PhD)

A Comparative Study of Social Policy Institutional Characteristics in Central and Eastern Europe
Discussant: Gatenio-Gabel, Shirley

Szalai, Julia

Challenges to the “Convergence Thesis”: Some Notes on the Formation of the Postcommunist Welfare State
Discussant: Hobson, Barbara

Guogis, Arvydas

On Lithuanian Social Policy Model
Contributed Paper

Marston, Greg
Henman, Paul

The Social Division of Welfare Surveillance
Contributed Paper

Parallel Session (c) - Social Protection, Markets and Health Care
Chair: Xiulan Zhangh



Biswas, Gargi

Market and State in Health Services : The Case of India and China
Discussant: Chee, Heng-Leng

Cook, Beth
Dzator, Janet

Lessons and Options for Universal Health Coverage with Special Reference to Privatisation Policies in Health Care: the Case of Australia and Ghana
Discussant: Gingrich, Jane

Baru, Rama V.
Nundy, Madhurima

Blurring of Boundaries: The Mixed Economy In Health Services in India
Discussant: Agartan, Tuba

Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita

Change and Continuity in the politics of Plague Epidemics: Public Health Policies and Practice in India
Discussant: Koivusalo, Meri

Deshpande, Mita

Through the Lens of Universality: Perceptions on Dignity, Trust and Exclusion in the Era of Health Sector Reforms
Contributed Paper


16.00-16.30 Coffee break


16.30-18.00 Plenary Session - Culture and Social Citizenship
Chair: Ann Orloff



Barbier, Jean-Claude

When Research and Politics Mingle and Converge to Forget Cultural Diversity in Welfare Systems: Lessons from the Collapse of 'Social Europe'
Discussant: O'Connor, Julia

Jenson, Jane

Redesigning Citizenship Regimes After Neoliberalism. Ideas About Social Investment.
Discussant: Palier, Bruno

Shaver, Sheila

Culture, Multiculturalism and Welfare State Citizenship
Discussant: Gudavarthy, Ajay


18.00 End of the Conference

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